The Love Uninhibited Experience

Remember your first crush? And the theme song that went with it? The one you sang at the top of your lungs every time it came on the radio?

Now you can sing your heart out with a live orchestra - The Love Uninhibited Orchestra.

The Love Uninhibited Orchestra invites you to sing along as they play the greatest hits from the golden age of love songs. Can't remember the lyrics to the second verse of How Deep Is Your Love? No problem. The lyrics are projected above the stage! How groovy is that?! Don't be shy. You're the star. And Love Uninhibited is your 17-piece love orchestra.

So warm up your vocal chords and let the Love Uninhibited Orchestra help make your wedding, anniversary, birthday party, or special event an unforgettable and unapologetic celebration of love.

Sweet nothings about the sing-along

Let's Go Out...

(new dates coming soon!)