Love Notes From Happy Audiences 


I only have one word: Fantastic!
I lie. I have more than one word.  How often can you go to a show to see and feel every single person in an audience of a couple hundred old, young and all kinds of in between folk  just having fun. Everyone was smiling, swaying, singing and carrying on fueled not by alcohol–well, ok....maybe a few–but by sheer joy on the wings of the super-talented Love Uninhibited Orchestra. What a joy! Thanks to every member of the band for a fun, happy experience. - Ambrose T.



I loved your event in Topanga last night!  I hope you do lots more - not just around Valentine's Day - especially now, we need more Love everyday!
- Kathleen G.



Thank you, LUO, for making love songs to me and my gal and spreading smiles throughout the southland. Can't wait for next year!
- Joshua L.



Special kudos to Kate Nicholsen and Johanna Moynahan who sang their sweet hearts out at one of the best shows I've ever seen! All I can say is "Hooray for Love!" An overall thrilling show -- thank you Danny Moynahan!
- Suzy W.



What a pleasant surprise to see you guys perform today at the Mar Vista Farmers Market! You guys sound really polished too....! ....and with the sing along aspect to your group - it makes it that much more fun being an active participant in the show... What a great idea... I grew up hearing this music... Now I got the words to the songs, thank to you for the hand out...  What a great name for your group... "Love Uninhibited" Right on! Thank you so much for spreading your good vibes...
- Thomas S.



Thank you for sharing your music and spreading the love! Can’t wait to see you all again!
- Christie C.



We loved your show! Beautiful and inspiring. Long live hippies and excellent music.
- Krissy M.



With Danny Moynahan involved, nuthin but sexy here. If u can't take the heat, get out of the spa baby!
- Jason H.


We got brought on a journey and we enjoyed every minute of it. And we loved it. We will be back.
- Man from Dublin


Love Notes From Happy Clients 

Mar Vista Farmers' Market is a huge fan of the Love Uninhibited Orchestra.  Young and old delight in their inspired renditions of classic love songs.  Invite them to your party and let your L❤VE light shine.  It's an UNFORGETTABLE experience.
Diana Rodgers
Executive Director
Mar Vista Farmers' Market

We absolutely love The Love Uninhibited Orchestra. If you like ‘Oldies But Goodies Romantic Love Songs’ - you will love them too.
- Frank D.

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