Meet the Band


The Singers

Kate Nicholsen, Scorpio-holds a masters degree in the art of love, and is currently pursuing her PhD

Matt Grey, Sagittarius-loves starry skies, fresh flowers and love songs

Nini Monroe, Sagittarius-loves playing in tropical blue waters

Johanna Moynahan, Gemini-loves cloud gazing and romantic novels

string section

The Strings

Julie Pusch, Scorpio-loves reading steamy novels in a steamy voice

Kanoa Ichiyanagi, Sagittarius-loves serenading the falling rain

Eli Chenevert, Pisces-enjoys a cool breeze on his bare chest on a hot summer day

Henrik Schulz, Sagittarius-loves candlelit dinners with a view of the city


The Horns

Timothy Moynahan, Virgo-so romantic he invented the twelve days of Valentine’s Day

Michael Moynahan, Taurus-loves beautiful sunsets mojitos with his favorite girl

Charlie Unkeles, Scorpio-rebellious and bold when it comes to love, and very loyal to his lady

David Ralicke, Gemini-writes romantic novellas in his spare time

Rex Merriweather, Cancer-loves unicorns and rainbows and heart-shaped pillows


The Rhythm Section

Danny Moynahan, Capricorn-also known as the Maestro of Love, loves singing love songs in his lover’s ear

Josh Herbst, Leo-starts every night with candles, heart-shaped chocolates, and rose petals

Marc Doten, Cancer-loves slow dancing his lady up and down the beach as the sun goes down

David Markowitz, Gemini-the captain of his very own Love Boat, takes his lady to exotic destinations every day and every night

Daniel Ward, Gemini-likes to walk barefoot with his lover through the trees after a fresh rain

John Nevolo, Capricorn-LUO’s Italian Stallion, wears his heart on his sleeve and loves to cook authentic Italian meals for his lady

Vivek Maddala, Leo-wears red silk pajamas to the office

Kahlil Sabbah, Capricorn-enjoys reading love poems to his lady while they bubble bathe together

Austin Nicholsen, Gemini-also known as the Alchemist, enjoys developing and perfecting his many love elixirs and potions

Meet the Maestro

Danny Moynahan brings over 30 years of experience as a composer, arranger, band leader and multi-instrumentalist to his new role as maestro of the Love Uninhibited Orchestra.
Genetically predisposed to leading sing-alongs, the maestro believes in the power of a good sing-along to strengthen our connections with loved ones and to make fast friends out of total strangers.
He believes in the healing power of love in all its manifestations and in the power of love songs, when sung without inhibition, to open hearts and to lift spirits. His biggest influence in the love orchestra genre is Maestro Barry White.
love uninhibited orchestra valentine's day 2015

The Birth of the Love Uninhibited Orchestra

In February 2010, Danny Moynahan was preparing for his monthly residency with his trio at a Venice, CA restaurant called the Talking Stick.

In a nod to Valentine’s Day, he added a few classic love songs to his repertoire of original music and invited the audience to sing along. The following Valentine’s Day, he added two sets of love songs and invited additional guest singers, a horn section, and a string section to perform with him.

Lyrics were projected on the wall that night for all to see. Much singing ensued. All inhibitions were peeled away as the band and audience made love songs to each other all night long, and the Love Uninhibited Orchestra was born. 


Meet the Love Uninhibited Singers

Matt, Nini, Johanna, and Kate are featured throughout the Love Uninhibited repertoire, harkening back to singers from the Golden Age of love songs like Al Green, Minnie Ripperton, Karen Carpenter, Toni Tenille, Marvin Gaye, the BeeGees, and many more. In this video, the Love Uninhibited Singers talk about what it feels like from the band's perspective when the whole audience is singing along.

The Love Uninhibited Sing-along

Jesse, Timothy, Danny, and Mike come from a family of musicians and performers where sing-alongs were a regular occurrence. In this video, they talk about music, life, and the sing-along.

In the Studio

The Love Uninhibited Orchestra was honored, in the summer of 2015, to record love songs at the state-of-the-art Hen House Studios in Venice, CA. Here is one of those songs.

Love In Action

love uninhibited orchestra valentine's day 2015
love uninhibited orchestra recording session hen house studios
love uninhibited orchestra recording session hen house studios
love uninhibited orchestra valentine's day 2015
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love uninhibited orchestra valentine's day 2015
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love uninhibited orchestra recording session hen house studios
love uninhibited orchestra valentine's day 2015
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